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Time to break up with dairy


Dairy. Mmmmm where do I even begin? I have a love-hate relationship with dairy. Ever since I was little I did not like milk, yuck, I could only eat it in my cereal. But cheese, oh man that stuff is good. I loved and still somewhat love that stuff, a nice dry cheese paired with wine, um yes, please.

However, that little dairy consumption habit could be the reason you still have those love handles.

In 2012 I had gone vegan, I refused to eat dairy but I would have the occasional meat here and there. So I guess I was more of a flexible-vegan (help me find a word for this!) After watching the documentary Forks over knives and learning that dairy contained mucus I kicked dairy to the curb. NO THANK YOU!

And guess what happened?

I lost alottt of weight. I felt like a Victoria’s Secret model, it was amazing. Then I got lazy and started to have the occasional cheese here and there, then ice cream on Sundays and before I knew it I was eating dairy again on a weekly basis. Fast forward to 2016 I am now 30 pounds heavier than back when I was dairy free. Granted I was doing other things in my diet and exercise regimen but almost immediately after cutting dairy I noticed a tremendous amount of cellulite gone.

Back when I was dairy free (I had journaled about it so I could remember) my cravings for salty food and sweets seemed to go down. And my weight was more manageable no longer did I have to count every calorie I don’t know why or how but it just seemed easier. I think the easier weight management was also due to low animal products in general.

So what’s up with dairy?

When you think about dairy and where it comes from and its PURPOSE. It is breast milk for small little calfs to grow into HUGE cows! I mean a baby calf goes from 100 pounds to 2,000 pounds from drinking that stuff.

Some interesting things about dairy: Dairy keeps the body in an acidic state and what that means is when your body is too acidic it holds onto fat. Why is that, well it turns out that when your body is highly acidic it holds onto fat in order to protect your organs. Also, dairy has no fiber and fiber is what helps you lose weight. Fiber is what carries all the toxins out of your body, think of it like a broom sweeping your body of all those nasty toxins. Dairy clogs up your body and slows digestion as well.

Now I would like for you to let that sink in.

Okay, good now imagine what that’s doing to your weight loss goals. I mean dairy is quite fatty and if you think It won’t make your butt bigger you are in denial, my friend. So in conclusion; cut the dairy and you might drop all that weight your body has been holding onto.

A diet too high in dairy = weight gain

Check out the book Skinny Bitch where the authors go into more detail about a plant based diet. There is a special section on dairy free living that inspired this article. Now I challenge you to try it! see how good you feel on a dairy free diet, I have friends who stopped having migraines, allergies and more. Even if you try it for a week or month at least you can say you tried if you decide to keep your chess around.

However, this is not the only way to lose weight you can’t replace dairy with potato chips and expect to lose weight because that is nowhere near realistic instead you should be eating a clean diet and cutting the dairy out completely or cutting back to a few times a week.

I’ve recently gone back to my vegan ways and already am noticing changes again in my body I will show you before and after photos once I reach my desired weight.

Thanks for reading!

Jillian xo

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