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My tattoo makeup experience: Microblading and lip color


What it’s like to get tattoo makeup & Micro blading

I’m so excited to share with everyone that yesterday I had my first tattoo makeup experience! I received two treatments; eyebrow micro blading and full lip color. Today is day two, and already things look awesome. I think my eyebrows will be fine throughout the healing process so far they look great, but I think my lips will look weird while they are healing. Sooo… about the pain, it really hurt! She did my eyebrows before my lips and I was in pain, but the lips were so much more painful. I thought it could not get worse while she was doing my eyebrows but it did! I don’t want to scare anyone, but I will explain below why I think it was so painful for me. For some reason the numbing she used was not lasting long and also it took longer for the numbing to work on me.

Update 3 days after; My eyebrows are looking good, they are still dark but you cannot tell there is any tattoo makeup. The lips However started to peel and just look so weird! It’s like when you get sick and your lips are all cracked but multiplied by ten and bright so they stand out. Great.

Update two weeks after: My eyebrows have lightened up so much they completely peeled and there is no dry skin falling anymore. My lips look normal as well after day 4 they looked much better day 2 and 3 were the worst and they looked crazy! My touch up is in about a month and a half and I cannot wait to go get my eyebrows retouched, not looking forward to my lips being retouched, but I know it will be well worth it. I mean seriously my lips look so amazing now that they have some color, the added color shows my real lines of my lips making them look bigger. I am so happy and in love with the results.


So here are some things you should know about tattoo makeup:

  1. There is a difference between filling them in and another procedure called micro blading. Micro-blading is a tattoo that mimics the hair, so they look like your natural eyebrow as opposed to being shaded in with makeup. Shading just looks like if you were to actually pencil in or use powder on your eyebrows. My eyebrows are healing now and they look as if they are a mix of the both. I asked for micro-blading so I’m not actually sure if this is just part of the healing process. I guess I will have to wait and see in a few weeks. ( I will update this blog throughout the healing process)
  2. It is NOT permanent like an actual tattoo. Tattoo makeup can last a few years at best, but it can vary based on lifestyle and how your skin reacts to it. It will fade over time depending on sun exposure, smoking, facial products, skin, and metabolism. Most specialists will recommend a touch up every year to two years.
  3. Don’t get the procedure done during PMS if you are sensitive. For me, the experience was so painful because I was so close to my monthly friend. I actually remember when I did laser hair removal the pain would be worse for me during PMS. And one of the ladies doing the procedure told me a lot of women complain about the same thing. So don’t say I didn’t warn you. Try to schedule around PMS if you are very sensitive.
  4. It can be pricey, but try not to go bargain hunting. It’s somewhat pricey to do most beauty treatments in general and I have a rule when it comes to anything cosmetic I would rather pay the extra cost to a true professional, than pay more fixing things or worse dealing with a messed up face. If I cannot afford something I would rather save than go to someone for half the price who ends up giving me a botch job. Surprisingly the girl I went to is very good and is considered in the average price range for these types of procedures. Both procedures cost $400 each, however, I did get a discount because I did two areas of the face (try to see if you are eligible for a discount, most specialist will give you a discount if you tattoo more than one area.) One lady I really wanted to go to In L.A. cost around $1000 just for micro blading, so it will vary among people. Just choose a quality tattoo makeup artist.
  5. Go there with an image in mind. The woman I went had a beautiful portfolio and really did a quality job, however, she had a style that wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. My goal was a fuller, more Middle Eastern look and her style seemed more European/American. In the end, the eyebrow shape I decided on was a mix between the two. If you have no idea what I’m talking about try looking up some Middle Eastern singers or Actresses and that was the look of the look I was going for, a mix between the two.

Now that my tattoo makeup is healing I’m very happy I decided to do it. I really love waking up and feeling confident that my eyebrows are even, maintained, and full. My left eyebrow was losing hair and I guess I didn’t really realize how self-conscious that was actually making me. I mean eyebrows can make or break your face and if they are off just a little they can completely throw your look off. My lips look so amazing and fuller I never realized how big they were. I will include the before and after of my lips after the second procedure in January.

Thanks for reading,

Jillian xo

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