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What I learned from the movie Bad Moms


What I learned from the movie Bad Moms

So about a few weeks ago it was Thanksgiving and I think someone got me sick at turkey din din. I woke up the following day with a sore throat which turned into a miserable week, but there is always one good thing about being sick and that is your allowed to go into couch potato mode for a few days to rest. So what do I do when I feel sick? Get the snacks out and watch a movie, of course. I browsed through the movies and finally landed on Bad Moms it seemed like it could be good, but I know sometimes movies can be hit or miss so I didn’t really have any expectations going in. But holy smokes the movie was freaking hilarious, and I was really surprised I was not expecting it to be that great! Not only was it one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a longgg time but it had some great underlying messages, at least that’s what I concluded.

If you have not seen the movie yet please watch it, I mean you will seriously crack up! I forget to mention I may or may not have watched it four times in a row, yeah it’s really that good.

So here are some of the things I picked up from the movie:

  1. Good quality friendships are important and so are fun friends. I mean your probably saying come on girl obviously, but seriously I envied the friendships and characters in the movie they were hilarious. I’m not going to lie the last few years of adulting have been quite disappointing in the friendship department. I still have some great friends but its just not the same as when I was younger. I mean I love life now don’t get me wrong, but there is a certain free and fun feeling I used to have when I was around my friends as a teenager.  However, I do think it’s possible to bring that spirit into your adult life it just has to be cultivated. It’s about finding those friends who you can be yourself with and not care about who has the shiniest new Mercedes or biggest boat, just someone to be a dork with. Life goals 2017!
  2. When you stop trying to be perfect you enjoy life more. Mila Kunis’s character did everything for everyone in the movie she was the typical super mom. She had a busy day job, she took care of her kids and her husband, and was constantly running around. That is how moms and everyone are, there are so many activities and things people do and it can become more of a negative than a positive when taken to the extreme. Of course, the pivotal moment in the movie is when she decides to just be bad, to just let go and stop trying to be so perfect. That’s pretty true about life in general when you stop trying to be so perfect you can start to breathe again and relax and I don’t know actually enjoy life, crazy concept huh. So she ends up having a blast while embracing her bad-ass-ness and her life just works better. No one is perfect equals serious lesson learned. Period.
  3. People can intentionally or unintentionally shame you, but we all hold the power to not allow that to happen. I have been reading a lot of Brene Brown’s work recently and working on getting through my shame (we all feel shamed for one thing or another by people) but now that I have been working on this issue, I’ve realized I used to give away so much of my power by believing people and letting them say nasty things to me. In the movie, Mila Kunis’s character cries at least once a day in the parking lot because she feels like a horrible mom, but once she embraces her bad side she is able to get over that. It’s not completely in her head either she also feels pressure from the other ‘perfect’ moms.
  4. The biggest bully usually has the most shame. The character Gwendolyn in the movie is a big freaking bully and she tries to make Mila Kunis’s life miserable. Throughout the movie, she is just a nasty person especially to Mila’s character during the PTA presidential race. After Amy (Mila Kunis) wins the election Gwendolyn is left crying in her car and finally opens up about not being perfect. Of course, they have a heart to heart and Gwendolyn shares her true self finally. She admits to not being the perfect person and Amy embraces her honesty and courage. So basically when people are mean to you and critical be the wise person who realizes that they have a lot of their own issues and are probably pretty miserable with themselves.

So if you haven’t watched the movie please go watch it you will get a good laugh if not it doesn’t matter because I already spoiled the ending! Cheers

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