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How To Accomplish Your Goals in 2017


How to Achieve your Goals 

Happy New Year! So 2017 is finally here and this year feels like it is going to be an amazing year for me and for the world! Maybe it’s wishful thinking or maybe it’s real, but I definitely feel like this year will be one of the best years of my life as well as having a huge shift in my reality. I’m not trying to be cheesy, but it just feels like with this year the impossible really will become the possible. I can’t explain it, but it just feels good.

Before the new year, I really felt optimistic and was very excited. I have been looking forward to a fresh start and some serious goal crushing this year! So for the month of January, I will be sharing all of my research about goals and habits as well as my progress updates. So please stay tuned and enjoy the journey this month with me.

Here are my top resolutions for the new year:

  1. Wake up early. I would like to be up every day between 5-7. As for weekends my goal is 8-9 a.m
  2. No alcohol first three months of the year
  3. Yoga 4-6 days a week
  4. Travel to Lebanon, Italy, and France
  5. Get to my goal weight or goal body fat percentage of 20% by march 30 2017

So I am using a method by Jack Canfield from his book The Success Principles. I will be testing his strategies for the month of January. I’ve used his methods before but this time I’m actually going to be tracking my progress here.

Here’s how to accomplish goals according to Jack Canefield:

  1. Be specific – you have to tell yourself and your brain exactly what you want. It’s kinda like shopping, most people are not going to just go into the store and buy a bunch of random ingredients for a special dish. Instead, almost everyone goes in knowing what they need for that specific recipe otherwise you will get a big jumbled mess. Jack gives a few examples in the book which are good and I created an example for my own goal setting. Example: I want to lose weight vs I want to get to 20 % body fat by march 30, 2017 at 7 am. The latter is much more specific and I know what I’m working towards, therefore I will have more success.
  2. Big Goals – This is something that Tim Ferriss also speaks about in his books, you need big goals that excite you so much that you jump out of bed in the morning dancing and excited. Don’t get me wrong small goals can be just as exciting and beneficial, but aim to have 1-3 goals written down that really excite and keep your energy high. For me the big goals are to travel this year, I know if I work hard they can become a reality. Big goals = a lot of passion and energy to accomplish them.
  3. Review them three times a day. Here’s where I always seem to forget when it comes to goal setting. So lately what I have been doing is setting up an alarm to go off three times a day. I make sure to add a note that says ‘review goals’ so that I will remember until it becomes an ingrained habit. Then I go into the app Evernote where I have my goals written down in a notebook and I read through them a few times. The good thing about Evernote is that you can take it anywhere and everywhere because it’s on your phone, and also you can open it on your computer or any other devices. I find this easier than lugging around a notebook.
  4. Take action every day. Obviously, you are going to need to take action in order to achieve your goals. The best method for me in the past is to have a routine set up that way it’s easier day by day to take action. Every day you need to be doing something towards your goals, even if it’s a tiny step. Remember: Action is energy in motion.
  5. Mindset is very important. Without an empowering mindset, it might be hard to achieve anything extraordinary. My last year of university I learned a trick to say the thing you want every day like you already have it. At the time I was learning Spanish so as nerdy as it sounds I wrote on my mirror, ‘I speak Spanish like a native,’ I left that on my mirror for the rest of the school year and honestly I did notice a major improvement in my Spanish. I was able to hold a basic conversation and speak effortlessly. That was a major shift in my life and it all happened by tricking my mind and believing I was a native speaker.

Thank you for reading this article, I wish you the best this year in 2017! I hope you apply these techniques and crush your goals this year!



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