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How To Own Your Personal Style


How To Own Your Personal Style 


I have always loved fashion, style, and clothes. Ever since I was little it was clear I was not like other children when it came to clothing. At five and only in pre-school, I threw temper tantrums if I wasn’t dressed up in dress shoes, a dress, and frilly socks. In middle school and high school, I wouldn’t be able to sleep the night before a new school year because I was always so excited to wear my new outfits. And lately, I have enjoyed wearing outfits based on themes or moods.

I have always dressed the way I liked and never really listened to people or what was in style, and I marched to the beat of my own weird drum. Until one day in University someone said something to me that for some reason changed me in ways I didn’t like. I had a friend who was an “expert” in fashion and told me one day that my style was somewhat tacky. Never had I listened to anyone and never had someone’s words gotten to me so much. Yet, somehow I let her opinion get to me, and that opinion stayed in my head for years.


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For a long time, her comments destroyed my self-esteem and I just couldn’t bring myself to wear the weird pieces of clothing that I had always loved so much. Every time I went to grab something in a store I loved, I started to look it up and make sure it was cool or in style. This went on for a long time until about a year ago when I was reading the book Love Style Life by Garance Dore.

Something she said had a big positive impact on me, she more or less said fashion and personal style is all about self-expression. Its what YOU are saying to the world and its how YOU express your creativity. Fashion is a language, its how we tell the world a little secret or what we are thinking. How can what you say, be wrong? It’s an expression of you.

So my message is this today: don’t listen to people and their crappy unsolicited advice about what you’re wearing. Wear what you want, and do what you want because at the end of the day the people following the rules are not the ones changing the world. They are just copying everyone else, and that’s not a lot of fun.




I hope you stay fabulous and comment below if you have ever dealt with something similar!

XO, Jillian Girl





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